Funny Greeting Cards Yorkshire - CardyGoons is here!

Welcome to CardyGoons! 

CardyGoons - sometimes rude and always funny. We have greeting card designs for all occasions and don’t take life too seriously - But one thing that we do take seriously is the value of humor. Birthdays, weddings and other occasions are extremely important times in our lives and in this digital world, a good old fashion greeting card that conveys a message that is personal to you is extremely valuable... Even if that message is that your mate is a ‘Birthday Wanker’ or that your partner always seems to blame their farts on the dog.

This is our first blog and we are proud to say that it’s on our shiny new website! A few people have been asking how and why CardyGoons was created, so I thought I would cover this in a blog, so here you go… 

I was fed up with boring greeting cards with lame stock photos and messages, which why I felt the need to create CardyGoons.

CardyGoons the start

How it all started

Like all great stories this one started with a man getting a mucky knee (to everyone’s great surprise as everybody that knows me knew I wasn’t down with the whole wedding thing).

After the proposal I decided that I would design the ‘save the dates’ myself as all the ones that I found couldn’t convey the immense enormity (and fear) that I was feeling by this overwhelming event.

I went with a subtle message of ‘This Shit Just got Real!’ When it came to handing the save the dates out – the reaction from people was amazing, seeing my 86 year old Gran almost wet herself was awesome. I knew from that moment that I had to turn this into something bigger…

So by working a lot of unsociable hours from our tiny spare room – which now looks like a little warehouse at our home in Harrogate. I launched CardyGoons!

Our future plans

I would love for CardyGoons to grow big enough to be able to employ my mum full time. It would be great to be able to give back to her after all the amazing things that she has done of me and my siblings, and the huge sacrifices that she has made for us.

Thank you for your support so far, with the website live and gaining sales we are well on track to spreading goonyness throughout the UK.

Muchos love,

Chief Goons (Dan)