The more support we get the more Goons we create!

It’s been quite a journey since March, we have sold over 700 cards and we are seeing sales increases every week. One of our bedrooms has now become CardyGoons HQ and looks like a tiny warehouse storing almost 60 different designs.

Every penny of all the products that have been purchased from CardyGoons has been reinvested into the company, so that we can expand the product range every month. Which means that the more support we get increases the awesome product range that you as our customers has choice of.

The ultimate goal of CardyGoons is to be able to provide my mum with a part-time job. The company is definitely heading in the right direction and hopefully we will be able to do this in the next year or so.

In between wedding planning and a full time job I am dedicating as much time as possible to growing CardyGoons, which is why I am writing this blog at 6am on a Sunday morning with coffee in hand.

We have some really exciting plans in the near future; we are currently working on the Christmas range, which will have at least 20 hilarious festive cards for you to spread your goonyness! We are also on the brink of international expansion, which I feel could be the beginning of the CardyGoons world domination!

Watch this space!

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